Happy 4th of July from FMX!

June 27, 2018  •  Alayna Giesting

Our wish for you this 4th of July is that you’ll get the chance to relax, watch some fireworks, catch some candy at a parade, and enjoy time with family and friends without worrying about your...

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The Top 5 OSHA Violations and How to Avoid Them

November 10, 2017  •  Allison McGillivray

When it comes to OSHA (Occupational, Safety, and Health Administration) compliance, it can be difficult for many maintenance and operations managers to know where to start.

Patrick Kapust, Deputy...

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How to prepare your properties, equipment, and staff for Jack Frost

September 29, 2017  •  Alayna Giesting

Before we know it, the temperature will drop, snow will cover the ground and Christmas lights will shine throughout the neighborhoods. What many call the most wonderful time of the year sounds a...

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Reduce utility and equipment costs with building automation

August 11, 2017  •  Brian Gregory

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What first-time visitors notice about your church facilities (and how to make a good impression)

August 08, 2017  •  Jamie Gregory

Imagine that you’re visiting a new church for the first time with your family. You arrive to discover that the parking lot is full and there are no attendants or signs directing you to an overflow...

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