Spring-cleaning your facilities just got a little easier!

March 15, 2018  •  Alayna Giesting

Spring-CleaningAs a facilities manager, one of the most important (and not always easy) parts of your job is preparing for a new season. And what better way to get ready for spring than giving your facilities a little TLC? Spring-cleaning may seem like an easy feat, but there are tons of things you could be doing to make sure your facilities are in tip-top shape. And we’re here to help get you started!

Why should you be concerned with spring-cleaning?

If your facilities are customer or occupant facing, then providing a clean facility is of the utmost importance. The last thing you want is for anyone to mistake untidy facilities for poor quality products or services. But not all spring-cleaning is about making your facilities sparkle and shine. Even if your customers don’t come in contact with your facilities, it’s still important to make sure everything is safe for your employees who work on site. Winter weather can cause sidewalk and asphalt damage, which can lead to dangerous situations for anyone on your property.

Regardless of the type of facility you work in, spring-cleaning is beneficial for your employees’ safety and increasing the lifespan of your facilities! If you haven’t already, make sure you add it to your yearly agenda.

Updating your curb appeal

The outside of your facilities makes an impression on not only your customers and employees, but passersby as well. The following will help you turn your facility into the best looking one on the block!

Spruce up your shrubbery.

Landscaping has a huge impact on your curb appeal. So, make sure you are laying fresh mulch, pulling out any weeds, aerating the lawn, and trimming the shrubs this spring.

Fix any potholes or cracks in your sidewalk or parking lots.

Colder weather tends to cause potholes in the asphalt and cracks in sidewalks, and these can be problematic for employees and customers who drive or walk on your facilities. In fact, 24% of pedestrian injuries in 2012 were the result of tripping on uneven or cracked sidewalks. With over a quarter of pedestrian injuries attributed to cracked sidewalks, it’s in your best interest to repair them before someone falls on your property.

Add a pop of color to your facilities.

Planting flowers is the perfect way to add some life to your building. Your occupants will appreciate them, too! Tip: you should wait until after Mother’s Day to plant flowers so they don’t catch frost bite or get too cold.

Revamping your interior

Maybe even more important that your building's exterior, is the interior. This is where the majority of your occupants and customers will spend their time, so making sure it's clean as a whistle is crucial.

Keep your floors squeaky clean.

Floors make the first impression on customers and occupants when they walk through the door, so making sure they are spotless is key. The most important thing to remember when cleaning floors is that you need to remove the dirt, not just push it to another spot. Make sure you have a heavy-duty vacuum that is able to extract all the dirt from your floors. While mops may seem like a clean option, they actually just move the dirt, soil, and germs around the floor and into grout lines.

Let the sun shine!

Brighter facilities improve the mood of everyone in them! Make sure you get the winter grime off of those windows in order to get the most natural light you can in your buildings. While you’re at it, this is a great time to make some lighting upgrades to your facilities and save money on energy. Check out our tips on how you can accomplish this.

Clean or replace welcome mats.

Welcome mats can capture 80% of the dirt and debris that people bring into your facilities, but they are only this effective when they are clean and not saturated with dirt. So, be sure to give them a deep cleaning this spring to prevent dirt and debris from being tracked into your facilities.

How FMX can help: With FMX, you can assign each of these cleaning tasks to your team to make sure your facilities are ready for spring. For tasks that require a bit more work, such as repairing cracked sidewalks, you can create step-by-step instruction sets for your team to follow. This way, nothing is left up to chance and you can be sure that even the hardest tasks are getting done correctly.

Think green this spring!

With the tulips popping up and the grass turning green it’s also the perfect time to think about your sustainability efforts. You should review your facility’s lighting, water and energy usage, as well as your HVAC equipment to see if there is room for improvement. Going green can save you money while making your facilities last a little longer too!

For more tips on cleaning your facilities, check out our eGuide "Making a Lasting Impression on your Customers". 

Alayna is the marketing communications specialist at Facilities Management eXpress. When she’s not drafting up content for the blog or social media, she is most likely reading a good book or taking short weekend trips!

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