Three Ways to Immediately Reduce Your Risk with the Right Facilities Management Software

September 25, 2014  •  Jamie Gregory

Large organizations need risk management capabilities incorporated into their workflow management tools in order to comply with federal and state regulations and reduce the threat of litigation. There are often multiple employees in charge of maintaining assets, equipment and buildings, and communication among them regarding scheduled maintenance inspections and repairs is essential. Organizations should look for a risk management component that incorporates 15 – 20 mandated inspections into the scheduling software. There are three guidelines to consider when choosing a software package that incorporates risk management.

  1. Keep it simple

Systems that are cumbersome or confusing will NOT be embraced by the staff. The software should be simple, intuitive, and easy to use so that your workers will consider it an asset that makes their jobs easier, not more complicated.

  1. Look for good record-keeping capabilities

The system you choose should maintain a history of all inspections and repairs. This would allow you to verify the inspection history and repair logs in the event of an accident or lawsuit. Furthermore, software that utilizes time and date stamps, as well as a record of who performs the inspections, goes a long way toward avoiding litigation.

  1. Choose a system that is transparent and has built-in accountability

All employees should be able to log into the system and quickly see what tasks are pending on the calendar, to whom those tasks are assigned, and when those tasks are due. Using the drag-and-drop feature on the calendar, tasks can easily be rescheduled and prioritized while keeping everyone in the loop about modifications. This flexibility allows for accommodations to be made for various work schedules, sick leave, or vacation time.

Organizations now, more than ever, must be ever diligent to reduce the risks associated with their facilities. Having a risk management component incorporated into a facilities management and scheduling software is a good solution. FMX, a management software company based in Columbus, Ohio, has gone the extra mile. FMX not only provides a workflow management tool that is easy to use – employees can be trained on it in a matter of minutes – but it also includes risk management regulations and activities that can be easily tracked so that inspections are not overlooked and timely repairs are made. All employees can access a centralized calendar of scheduled events with dates and assignments for transparency and accountability. Incorporating risk management activities into a solution like FMX can go a long way toward reducing a company’s liability.

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