New Multi-select Feature & Schedule Request PDF Export

October 14, 2014  •  Jamie Gregory

The following software updates will be covered in this post:

  • New multi-select feature for drop down lists.
  • PDF export for schedule requests.

Multi-select Feature:

We've made it easier for you to select multiple items from drop downs lists on your FMX site. Additionally, the drop down lists now support searching which will allow you to find the items you're looking for without scrolling through a long list of items.

Search: Click inside the text box for the desired drop down list. Start typing the item that you're searching for and the drop down list will be filtered automatically to display the items containing your search term.


Multi-select: Click on an item from the desired drop down list to add it to your selections. Simply click the black "x" next to the item to remove it from your selections.

Multi-select list

Schedule Request PDF Export:

You now have the ability to export your schedule request information to a PDF format.

Step 1: Click "Schedule Requests" in the left sidebar to view the schedule request grid.

Step 2: Perform any necessary searching or filtering to narrow the grid down to the information that you would like to export.

Step 3: Click the export icon near the date display at the top of the page (this icon looks like a floppy disk). Then, select PDF from the pop-up list. The grid information will be exported to a PDF document which will open automatically on your computer.

PDF export

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