FMXpert Todd Mace: How to Optimize Your Boiler

July 17, 2015  •  Jamie Gregory


Meet the FMXpert

Todd Mace is a Co-Founder of FMX and the CEO of Dynamix Energy Services, a design-build firm based in Columbus, Ohio focusing on maximizing energy efficiencies. He has over 30 years of experience in energy conservation projects and central plant optimization. Join him in the boiler room today where he discusses three simple settings that will help you optimize your boiler and save up to 20% on gas consumption.

Todd's Tips

Potential Boiler Problems:

  • Short cycling of burner
  • Trouble maintaining hot water temperature
  • Excessive gas consumption

3 Simple Controls:

  • Operating limit
  • High limit
  • Burner firing control

Understanding the High Limit:

  • Ultimate safety
  • Requires manual reset
  • Should be set at highest temperature
  • Example in video: 220°F

Understanding the Operating Limit:

  • Should be set just below the high limit
  • Example in video: 180°F
  • Indicates that the water temperature should not exceed 180°F
  • Turns boiler on below 180°F and off above 180°F

Understanding the Burner Firing Control:

  • Should be set lower than the operating limit
  • Example in video: 165°F
  • Adjusts the firing rate of the boiler; does not turn boiler on or off

Common Problem to Avoid:

  • Don't set the burner firing control at a higher temperature than the operating limit


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