FMX Yields Properly Maintained Equipment & Lower Utility Costs

April 10, 2015  •  Jamie Gregory

Utility Cost Comparison

Imagine that you just bought a brand new vehicle. Not only is it the car of your dreams, but it's the most efficient one on the market. Suddenly, life gets busy and, despite your good intentions, performing proper maintenance on your car falls through the cracks. Fast forward a few years and you find yourself spending more money for fuel and repairs than you ever imagined.

Is your organization struggling with high utility costs and expensive equipment repairs? FMX can help!

According to a recent study conducted by Dynamix Energy Services, the average cost for electricity and gas for most Ohio school districts is $1.41 per sf. FMX customer, Wheelersburg Local Schools, has an average cost for electricity and gas of $0.86 per sf.

On average, Wheelersburg Local Schools spends 61% less than most Ohio school districts for utilities.

Planned maintenance scheduling extends equipment lifespan and lowers utility costs, here's how it works:     

PM task

Planned maintenance tasks are scheduled for equipment or facilities in FMX. The ability to schedule recurring planned maintenance tasks and receive automatic email reminders ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

The improved efficiency and extended lifespan of equipment and facilities due to proper maintenance results in lower utility costs.

Utility savings is just one of the benefits experienced by FMX customers. Watch our testimonial videos to learn about other FMX success stories!

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