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5 benefits of using mobile devices to manage your facilities

May 08, 2018  •  Allison McGillivray

In this day and age, Facility Managers, like you, have maintenance tasks at so many different parts of your site (or sites) that it can be a headache to keep track of them all. One day you and...

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The Top 5 OSHA Violations and How to Avoid Them

November 10, 2017  •  Allison McGillivray

When it comes to OSHA (Occupational, Safety, and Health Administration) compliance, it can be difficult for many maintenance and operations managers to know where to start.

Patrick Kapust, Deputy...

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4 Bright Ideas on How to Decrease Energy Costs with Better Lighting

July 26, 2017  •  Allison McGillivray

High electric bills got you down?

Revamping your facility’s lighting policy is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways your organization can lower those energy costs. In fact, a lighting...

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9 important and easy to calculate metrics for facilities managers

July 13, 2017  •  Allison McGillivray

Q3 has come, which means that some of you are frantically preparing for Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) or other administrative meetings, and others of you are still reeling from the meetings....

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How to Prepare Your Facilities for Disasters

June 19, 2017  •  Allison McGillivray

Here in Ohio, summer is not just the time for BBQs and swimming pools, it’s also the heart of tornado season, and 2017 is off to a record start. Organizations can experience irreparable damage...

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