3 tips for preparing your religious facilities for holiday services

March 23, 2016  •  Jamie Gregory

Several religious holidays, like Easter and Passover to name a few, are right around the corner. Which means your religious facilities will likely be overflowing with new visitors who will be attending various events coordinated by your staff. Check out the three tips below to learn how you can streamline event scheduling and prepare your facilities for this busy season.

1.) Keep events running smoothly with event scheduling that everyone can access

Has your kitchen ever doubled as a last-minute warm-up room for your worship band? Do certain events often run over, causing other events to relocate? Has your organization ever double-booked an event? Prevent these mix-ups by creating a formalized calendaring system that keeps everyone updated.

  • You can print out your organization’s event calendar, or keep a large whiteboard calendar in a central place for all your staff and volunteers to see.
  • Once you’ve created your holiday events schedule, post it on your website and/or social media channels and promote online sharing. Make sure your schedule is set in stone by this point since changing it and notifying everyone of the changes may be difficult.
  • Creating individual room schedules and posting them on the appropriate doors can deter roaming groups from taking over a reserved room.

How FMX can help: FMX makes event scheduling easy since it prevents double booking of rooms and resources and streamlines event approval processes. The FMX event calendar can be exported and embedded on your organization’s website or synced with your phone's calendar. Any changes that are made to the event calendar within FMX are automatically reflected on your embedded calendars. You can also take advantage of FMX’s unlimited user access by giving your whole organization access to your FMX site to view the calendar and submit events. To keep everyone updated, you can enable email notifications that will let your members know when changes are made to upcoming events. Click here to download our datasheet and learn more about the FMX Schedule Request module.


2.) Plan your facility cleaning strategy well in advance

Not only are holiday services something your members look forward to, they provide a great opportunity to make a positive impression on new guests who could turn into regular attendees. Make sure your facilities are in tip-top shape by getting prepared weeks in advance and keeping staff accountable for their assigned tasks.

  • At least one month before the holiday service, gather your staff for a cleaning brainstorming session. Take this time to go over all the nooks and crannies that need tidying up as well as the larger, deep cleaning tasks.
  • Once you’ve identified these tasks, delegate them to the appropriate person and create a checklist to keep them both organized and accountable.
  • Some cleaning tasks may require help from outside vendors – coordinating work with vendors in advance saves you from having to stress over the details later when you’re swamped with a million other to-dos.
  • Don’t stop there; make sure you keep tabs on problem areas that might be clutter magnets!

How FMX can help: Using the FMX Planned Maintenance module greatly streamlines facility cleaning processes by allowing you to assign cleaning tasks to individuals, complete with a checklist of to-dos and instructions. This is especially useful when working with outside vendors. You can add vendors to your FMX site as users, at no extra cost, so you can assign tasks to them, track their progress, and keep them accountable. These tasks can also be scheduled to recur before every holiday service or major event. You can also set up automatic email notifications to remind your staff and vendors about upcoming, due, and overdue tasks.

3.) Track your inventory to make sure you have enough supplies on hand

It’s no surprise that you’ll be faced with a much larger crowd than normal coming to join the holiday festivities, but knowing exactly how many people to accommodate can become a risky guessing game. Follow these simple tips to make sure that you have enough inventory and supplies for your events.

  • Keep all extra seating (chairs, pews, etc.) in one place. This will allow you to see at a glance how much extra seating you have available. You can even go the extra mile and keep a list of how many chairs will be needed in each room. Set up seating a day or so in advance to avoid shortages on the day of the event.
  • Order extra consumable inventory ahead of time. Things like toilet paper, paper towels, and beverages can quickly deplete during an event.

How FMX can help: When scheduling events in FMX, users can specify their needs related to furniture, audiovisual equipment, food, and more. You can also set up notifications so the staff responsible for certain event set up tasks will receive emails with the event details. Not sure if you have enough of something in stock for your next big event? Track your consumable inventory in FMX so you’ll always know how much of an item is on hand and when it's time to order more. You can also track the cost of each inventory item in FMX to help with budgeting.


Jamie is the marketing director at Facilities Management eXpress. When she’s not keeping the marketing ship afloat, chances are she’s trail running with her husband or practicing her guitar skills.


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